AdTeam shizzle

January 13, 2010

And a bonus Daily Bruin illo.


Exciting new assignment!

December 1, 2009



November 28, 2009

this cd!!!

tortoiseshell is a must. so is round.

for some reason, i already have vols 1, 3, and 4.

guitar lessons.

one of these. (and lessons).

a girl can dream ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

because they keep disappearing.

ridiculous. i love ridiculous.

so i can be one of those creepy people drawring you while you eat at ackerman union.


om nom nom

It takes two…

November 16, 2009

Tango illustration

CSday-postcard-color-front-webSuch a cop-out. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

To do: CCB t-shirt, Ad Team logos, and CS Day DB ads.

Current projects

October 22, 2009


logos1logos2beargirl2CSdayflyerdraft_forwebI am just fucking churning them out. I’m a fucking machine.


October 14, 2009

So I made it onto the design subteam of the Bruin Ad Team, which is absolutely amazing because they were insanely selective. And I feel like years of work has been validated, which is insane. But I also feel pressured and fucking intimidated. Like, now I know that my shit isn’t exactly shit, but I need to shape up…

Anyway, here’s an illustration that will be published Friday that I whipped up in about an hour today ๐Ÿ™‚ Does it show that I recently read a couple ofย  SMBC strips?

fourfoodsAnd the following is supposed to be in the next Prime magazine or something. Something about how not to gain weight during the holidays.


And T-shirt designs.

csctshirts-urbanFor CSC’s Community Service Day, we’ve been thinking gritty, urban.

nopedobearFor CCB, something cutesy, as always.

I’m pretty sure I have a flyer I need to make or something. And another illustration. And a paper to write. And reading, oh God.

But yay! Validation and productivity!